About Us

Whether your travel is for business, overtime work or pleasure, 1992 Capsule Hotel is a valuable tool that can help ensure a stress-free and enjoyable trip. What features are required for overnight stays in urban hotels? Resetting your day, from one day to the next, needs three basic actions: take a shower, sleep, and get yourself dressed. 

1992 Capsule Hotel The Best Hotel in Melaka is a tool designed to offer more freedom to our guests from around the world. Guests can check in 24 hours a day and use the facilities for as little as 1 hour. 1992 Capsule Hotel offers the lowest prices year-round among surrounding accommodations.

5 promises to our customers

– 5 minutes to city center
One of the characteristics of a capsule hotel is its easy access from the city center We have established hotels in locations that are less than 5 minutes away from the city center.

– Price from RM38 per night
The best feature of the capsule hotel is its low price.

– 24-hour safety and cleanliness
We are thorough in cleaning and patrolling to provide our guests with the most comfortable stay. We do our best to provide service that is equally satisfactory to all guests.

– Free Wi-Fi + Power socket in each unit
We have prepared free Wi-Fi and power sockets so that your work will not be affected even when sudden circumstances require a stay at a capsule hotel. Our guests can work safely at their own pace, even if they are in a hurry.

– Best Rate Guarantee
For 365 days a year, we offer the cheapest accommodation plans for all facilities. Please remember that your choice of accommodation is assured of that.